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Fur Analysis Body Health Test

We utilize medical history and fur analysis to determine areas that your pet can use additional nutritional support.

Animals use more of certain nutrients due to athleticism, level of excitement, drugs, chemical exposure and/or inflammation anywhere in the body. We use supplements that support healthy digestion and provide specific nutrients that are used in excess of what is present in your pet's normal diet. In this way, we can greatly improve your animal friends' physical health and mental wellbeing.

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Homeopathy is a powerful and effective form of medicine that can strengthen the patient’s natural ability to fight disease and alleviates symptoms by initiating the body’s healing processes. It can be used to treat a wide variety of health problems, including many for which there is no conventional treatment.

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Private Classes

Offering lessons in body work and food therapy. Learn techniques you can use at home to help keep your best friends feeling great.

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Dog whisperer and now cat whisperer. Dr. Marinho is a gift. It started with our Bernese Mountain Dog. He was beginning to have frequent neck pain. It was painful to watch him. He is 10.5 years old. Since Sterling has been seeing Dr. Marinho for acupuncture and taking muscle and neck supplements, he’s like a 2 year old...

Kim S.

At no other vet's office has my dog been so relaxed. Hence, I'm relaxed. Dr. Lisa listens well and communicates clearly and succinctly. Glad I found this place!

Wendy W.

We love Dr. Lisa Marinho! She consistently goes above and beyond and provides knowledgeable, compassionate care. She takes her time to really listen and get a comprehensive idea of the issues at hand. All of my questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed and I always leave feeling positive.

Jessica B.