At Animal Healing Arts, we strive to keep your animal friends happy and healthy. We offer a variety of modailties to help support your animal friend's natural ability to maintain or restore health, many of which can be offered via phone or video consultation.

Our veterinarians specialize in creating holistic treatment programs that utilize herbal supplements and acupuncture as well as homeopathy, chiropractic, food therapy, herbal and nutritional supplements, psychomotor therapy, massage, reiki, flower essences, and fur tissue mineral analysis. Whether your pet has a complex medical condition or you’re interested in preventative care, we offer a comprehensive, natural approach to your animal's health care needs.

Our Practitioners

Lisa Pesch Marinho, DVM

Lisa Pesch Marinho, DVM

I was given the gift of unconditional love and healing. Like any human I am at times beautiful and free, while at other times I meet great challenges.

My life journey has brought me to many places. In all of them is the desire to bring the gift of health - the freedom to live true to one’s nature - supporting this in myself and every other living being on the planet. I have studied numerous forms of healing and being. I share my knowledge and gifts with people and animals.

I also work to create a space for us to come together to support one another, share in this wonderful journey together, lighten each others loads with our talents and encouragement. As a person that is acutely aware of the needs of the environment, I also provide outings for others to join me in my enjoyment and support of nature. I focus on natural healing methods that are in balance with the earth and our body rhythms.

Education: Every moment of my life, my breath, my body; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University; BA in Environmental Studies at University of California at Santa Cruz, BA in Biology at University of California at Santa Cruz; Animal Acupuncture at International Veterinary Acupuncture Society; Animal Chiropractic at Options for Animals; Herbal therapeutics self-study and mentoring from Cheryl Schwartz, DVM; Animal Homeopathy at Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional and Advanced Course; Psychomotor therapy with Tim & Jane Heintzelman, Niek Brouw, and Rob Erteman; Yoga with Devorah Blum and Ann Austin of Yoga Studio Ganesha; Rieki with Marla Steele; Meditation self-study with many mentors.



Lisa Bane, DVM

Lisa Bane, DVM

I graduated from Colorado State University Veterinary School in 1989 and soon after owned my own veterinary clinic in the small mountain town of Telluride Colorado. I worked with a range of patients- from horses, cattle, and wildlife, to dogs and cats. I was always interested in optimal health for the life of my patients. As Telluride grew, my clientele, which ranged from ranchers to movie stars, became open to new therapies and I went to Acupuncture school at CSU and studied with an herbalist in New Mexico. I was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. I moved to Boulder, Colorado after selling my practice. There I worked at a holistic veterinary practice where I learned therapeutic diet and supplement therapies for animals. Currently I live in Marin with my family and I strive to help pets find wellness incorporating acupuncture, diet, and supplements. 



Kelly Costa

Kelly Costa, Meridian Massage and Reiki for Animals

Kelly Costa sees her animal body work practice as intuitive, integrative, and a way to provide comfort care. Bodywork supports and encourages healing for ongoing issues and is a gentle way to maintain good health. It’s also a positive way to teach socialization through nurturing touch and can be a lovely way to strengthen the owner-pet relationship. Kelly received her acupressure certification from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and also holds a Reiki level 1 certificate. She lives in Santa Rosa with her two dogs, Pumpkin and Mochi, along with Blossom Kitty the cat.

To schedule an appointment, call us at 707-584-7387 or email us at info@animalhealingarts.net.

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