Bi Yan Pian 120 tabs

Bi Yan Pian 120 tabs

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By Kan Herbs - Traditionals


Proprietary Blend
Xanthium fruit
Magnolia flower
Phellodendron bark
Forsythia fruit
Chinese licorice root and rhizome
Fragrant angelica root
Chrysanthemum flower
Platycodon root
Schisandra fruit
Anemarrhena rhizome
Siler root
Schizonepeta herb
Other Ingredients:
Silicon dioxide (glidant/dehydrant), Stearic acid (lubricant/binder), Microcellulose (coating)

Recommended Dosage

2-3 times daily.

1/4-1/2 tab up to 20lb,

1/2-1 tab 21-50 lb,

1-1 1/2 tabs 51-70lb,

1 1/2-2 tabs 71+ lbs