Ease Digestion 60 tabs

Ease Digestion 60 tabs

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By Golden Flower Chinese Herbs


Fu Ling/Poria
Huo Xiang/Agastache
Lai Fu Zi/Raphanus
Gu Ya/Rice or Millet Sprout (oryza)
Hou Po/Magnolia Bark
Cang Zhu/Atractylodes
Zi Su Ye/Perilla Leaf
Bai Zhi/Angelica Dahurica
Chuan Mu Xiang/Vladimiriae Root (dolomiaea root)
Ban Xia (Zhi)/Pinellia (ginger-cured)
Bo He/Mint
Ju Hong/Red Tangerine Peel
Huang Lian (Chuan)/Coptis