At Animal Healing Arts, we strive to keep your animal friends happy and healthy. We offer a variety of modalities to help support your animal friend's natural ability to maintain or restore health, many of which can be offered via phone or video consultation.

Herbal Supplements and Acupuncture
Food Therapy and Nutritional Supplements
Fur Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis

Our goal is to support radiant longevity through natural preventive care that provides proper nutrition, exercise, emotional support, and social interactions to avoid illnesses. We utilize diagnostic and treatment methods that can identify and correct imbalances at the functional level, before irreversible damage occurs to the body. Our treatment methods are gentle, generally well received, and often enjoyable to the patient.

We do not offer urgent care, hospitalization, surgery, blood tests, x-rays, or vaccinations. We do offer consultations to review labs performed by other hospitals, discuss vaccine protocols appropriate for your pet, and help you with what tests might be appropriate to pursue for further understanding of their condition.