HomeopathyHomeopathy is a powerful and effective form of medicine that works to clear the body of all influence of disease. The homeopathic practitioner matches the entire picture of symptoms expressed in an individual to the specific remedy known to best treat that particular grouping of symptoms. The practitioner prescribes new remedies as the group of symptoms expressed by the patient shifts. Over time, this methodical administration of carefully selected remedies diminishes the strength of disease while strengthening the patient’s health. Treatment is continued until the patient is completely free of all symptoms of disease if possible. For patients with incurable diseases, homeopathy can still relieve their symptoms and greatly improve their quality of life.

Well-selected homeopathic remedies:

Strengthen the patient’s natural ability to fight disease

Alleviate symptoms by initiating the body’s healing processes

Can be used to treat a wide variety of health problems, including many for which there is no conventional treatment

Can be used even if a conventional diagnosis cannot be determined