Fur Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis Collection Instructions

Collecting and Submitting a Sample for Fur Mineral and Heavy Metal Analysis

The accuracy of a mineral analysis depends upon many factors. While the laboratory is responsible for the technical aspects of the test, the results will only be as good as the sample that is sent. The more care that is exercised by the person taking the sample, the more accurate the results will be.

Hair Sample Guidelines

Hair that has not been washed for more than four or five days is more prone to environmental contamination. If a salt-based water softener is used in the home, hair sodium levels may be affected. Dogs that swim in the ocean regularly will need to be kept out of it for several days and washed 1 - 2 days prior to collection.

  • The sample should be taken between four and twenty hours after washing. This allows the hair to reequilibrate after washing.

  • Conditioner may be used but should be washed out. Leave-in conditioner is not recommended as it may affect the sample.

  • If your pet's hair is unable to be washed, clean the hair with rubbing alcohol before taking the sample.

  • 125 milligrams of clean hair is needed (approximately one (1) tablespoon)

  • Hair sample should not be any longer than 1 ½ inches in length, cut off any long ends

  • For long-haired animals, use the end closest to the skin

  • Do not pull up on the fur to tense the hair when cutting with scissors. This could result in cutting the skin. Use a comb as a barrier between the skin and scissors.

 Collecting the sample

  • Use clean scissors or clippers to collect the sample. Clean the scissors or clippers with rubbing alcohol and cotton ball before use

  • Collect at least one (1) full tablespoon of clean hair. A problem at the laboratory arises when too little hair is sent

  • Put hair in a clean paper envelope. Do not put hair directly into a plastic bag

  • Print your name, your pet’s name, date collected, and area of body where the hair was collected on the envelope.

  • When retesting, samples should be taken from the same general area as the original sample, if at all possible.

  • Hair does not deteriorate with time and the sample can be stored in a clean, dry environment indefinitely

Send samples to:

Animal Healing Arts
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Once received, we will contact you to schedule a consultation in 4 weeks to review the results.

Please contact us with any questions: 707-584-7387