Functional Nutrition Consultation with Fur Analysis

Functional Nutrition Consultation with Fur Analysis

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We utilize medical history, physical exam and fur analysis to determine areas that your pet can use additional nutritional support.

Fur analysis is a test that examines mineral content and the toxic metal in the fur.

Fur analysis is a useful preventive test for all animals. It assess the nutritional and metabolic state of the individual and are used to evaluate stress level, gland activity (adrenals and thyroid), metabolic rate, gut health, carbohydrate handling/sensitivity, dietary requirements, immune system function, inflammation level, and exposure to environmental toxins. Diet modifications and nutritional supplements based on fur analysis help maximize health and longevity in animals.

We use the information gained through fur analysis to assess which organs are most likely being affected by any imbalances. With this information, we can greatly improve our ability to treat disbalances before they become serious illness, reduce stress, improve athletic ability, improve quality of life and enhance longevity. More information about fur analysis can be found here.

Steps to complete an fur analysis for your dog or cat:

  1. Purchase a fur analysis above
  2. Collect a fur sample (follow these instructions)
  3. Fill out and print this form: FMHM Test Form
  4. Send us your form and fur sample
  5. Complete a clinical medical history form for your dog or cat
  6. Request an appointment below to discuss results.