Our Pawsitively Radiant Lifestyle Plan = Pawsitively Radiant Pets

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Our Pawsitively Radiant Lifestyle Plan for Pawsitively Radiant PetsThe first holistic course I took was in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. I learned that in Ancient China you would pay your doctor when you were healthy not when you got sick, because it was your doctor's job to keep you in maximum health. I was immediately inspired and have always kept this as my goal, supporting animals in their optimal health and happiness. I want all of us to enjoy wonderful years with our animal friends, keep them out of the hospital, and instead, see them happily frolicking at the beach or park!

I have dedicated 25 years of my life learning how to identify stress on body organs at the functioning level before there is phyisical damage to them. Keeping my patients joints moving freely, supporting a healthy immune system, nervous system, and all other parts, as well as the whole being. Sometimes, as we envy our pet's lifestyle, we can forget how stressful it can be to ba a cat, dog, or rabbit living in a human society.

At Animal Healing Arts, we will create a custom diet plan, exercise plan, stress relief, spinal care, and supplement plan based on exactly what your pet's specific needs are. The full power of my skills as a practitioner lie in this realm -- keeping animals healthier than most people realize is possible. Yes, we can treat disease naturally, but it is much easier and infinitely more gratifying to support the radiant long lives that are so beautifully achievable through simple, natural supportive measures.

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