Is your pet losing spark in their step? Our Fur Analysis pinpoints all sorts of ailments while being safe and easy for your furry friend.

We recently were able to catch up with a pet parent of one of our favorite furry friends, Jelly, after seeing her at a recent competition. We couldn’t be happier to see her feeling lighter and faster! Jelly is typically a spunky beagle that would run the agility course with ease. She would typically finish 10 -15 seconds under course time, but one day all of that instantly changed. All of a sudden she dramatically slowed down and was feeling lethargic. She could hardly run the course anymore, it was like a 180 degree turn.

 Seeing that Jelly was feeling listless and wasn’t quite making trial times like she used to, her pet parent Sharon, tried everything to get Jelly back in the game, but she just couldn’t seem to solve Jelly’s symptoms. Even with extreme TLC.  Sharon described it as almost a depression had come over her and just didn’t have the drive to run the agility courses she loved… Sharon was literally begging her to go through the gates at one competition. Jelly just couldn’t do it...

Sharon reached out to us at Animal Healing Arts and soon brought Jelly into our Cotati location. We were able to give her a full exam and submitted a small sample of fur for a Fur Analysis that Sharon had collected under our suggestion.

After an in-depth analysis of data from the fur sample we were able to determine that Jelly’s mineral levels related to, and necessary for normal adrenal function were much, much lower than normal. These included minerals that have a natural calming effect in dogs. Among other things, this indicated that Jelly would likely be more reactive to stress and less likely to handle stress in a healthy, normal way. This could explain her anxious yet slow and “depressed” state, and low drive. In addition, her digestive health markers were very abnormal. After meeting with Sharon we recommended that Jelly could benefit from a customized natural herbal and nutritional supplement regimen to heal and support the ongoing health of her gut lining as well as her adrenal glands. Through a tailored mix of herbs and vitamins, Jelly now has all the nutrition she needs to strive in competition, but most of all keep her spunkiness for years to come.

After a little TLC and getting into the new routine Sharon gave us a call to let us know that Jelly was back on track! She is back on her feet and running the courses again. Sharron tells us “it’s like Jelly is a whole new dog!”. When she arrived back to competition we were told that Jelly was now averaging 12-18 seconds under her previous times. Incredible!  She really couldn’t believe how much her custom nutrition plan has helped Jelly. “I am definitely bringing my other dog in for a fur analysis next week. With the magic that the nutrition plan has worked with Jelly, I think all pets could benefit from a fur analysis.” she said.

We recommend a fur analysis on all animals once a year to identify abnormalities before your pet shows any outward signs of a problem. We have been delighted with how much better our patients feel and how they live longer and healthier lives when we include this in their regular care.

If you would like to have your pet benefit from a nutritional boost to help them perform their best, give us a call to book an appointment today at our San Rafel or Cotati location.